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Adriaan de Gier, as a mass claims specialist, has been asked by interest group Procedeerwinkel( to advise it on proceedings against Airbnb over 760 million in wrongfully paid service charges. Tenants who have paid those fees to Airbnb in recent years are entitled to a refund finds The claim stems from an Amsterdam court ruling dated March 9, 2020. With Airbnb refusing to pay, the case will go to the Supreme Court, which is expected to issue a view by the end of 2021. Airbnb customers would do well to report their claim to to avoid their claim being time-barred. Reporting costs nothing. Only if Airbnb actually pays back the money do participants owe a percentage of the success.

UPDATE September 28, 2020: Adriaan de Gier was on national television (NPO1) on Antoinette Hertsenberg’s program “Radar”; click here to watch the broadcast back.