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Business conflicts and claims

De Gier | Conflict Solutions advises on complex conflicts and claims. For example, on liability for damages inflicted, breach of contract or corporate disputes between shareholders, directors or other stakeholders.

An initial check on whether the case is suitable to take up is non-binding. The next step is a more comprehensive analysis and advice on strategy of action. Together with you, we determine the strategy and tone of voice, all in a mix that is optimal to achieve the goal.

For each project, a team of specialists is formed that you can work well with, ensuring high-quality knowledge, capacity and clout.

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How we get started

The starting point is a good match with the client, also with respect to the way of working and a pragmatic, entrepreneurial attitude. Good results are achieved only when there is professional, pleasant cooperation.

The sequel

Together we determine the goal and through which strategy we want to achieve it. If necessary, we adjust that in the interim. We do not provide lengthy legal memos without real advice. We work with a clear assessment of opportunities and give you our opinion what the best approach is. Not focused on the problem, but on the solution.

The final phase

Thoroughness is paramount. More than 50% of the profit opportunity is in thorough research, fact gathering and evidence building.


Throughout the case, we monitor the cost/benefit analysis and give you clear insight into the (expected) costs. Customized arrangements are possible about the fee, also related to whether or not we have accomplished something for you.
“For conflict resolution, we have used the services of Adriaan de Gier for many years. In the meantime, we have also become tremendously attuned to each other. It is refreshing how he tears things apart and after thorough investigation ‘puts them back together’ and then looks for a solution that is optimal for our company. Then the problem is tackled with him in good teamwork. Always focused on connecting with the other party, but if nothing else also legally firm, almost always successfully.”

– Rick Zeelen –

CEO, Vermaat Group


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