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A compensation claims foundation is suing the Ministry of Health Welfare and Sport (VWS) and 34 other agencies (including regional GGDs) over a data breach at the GGD during the corona pandemic. ICAM Foundation is demanding compensation for people who signed up as injured parties.

During the corona pandemic, due to a data breach, data of everyone who had a corona test performed was visible to call center employees of the GGD for some time. According to RTL News, this sensitive data was widely traded.

‘6.5 million duped’

The foundation says a total of 6.5 million people may have been victimized and is demanding 500 euros per victim. For people who can actually prove that their data was looted, the foundation wants 1,500 euros in damages.

Last year, the foundation also threatened a lawsuit, but then a solution was first sought with the ministry. Because too little came out of that, according to the foundation, the lawsuit now follows.

Amsterdam municipality also subpoenaed

Among others, the ministry is being sued today, but also, for example, the municipalities of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, regional GGDs, safety regions and the national GGD GHOR, reports ANP. To participate in the mass claim, people must register with the foundation.

Signing up is free because a lender funds the legal process. The GGD claim will cost ICAM at least 1 million euros, Liesker Litigation Financing, the company financing the case, said last year. The company gets 20 percent of any damages, not to exceed five times the cost of the case. That could add up to about 5 million euros.

Source: NOS