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Conflict Solutions

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Business conflicts and claims

Guidance for business disputes and complex claims


Mass claims

Supporting (groups of) victims in mass tort situations


mr. Adriaan de Gier

Business conflicts and complex claims
Owner of De Gier | Conflict Solutions. Adriaan de Gier has extensive experience handling conflicts, claims and liabilities. Both in business environments and in claims situations. A particular specialty is relationships in private equity situations and in family businesses. That experience has been gained as a lawyer, but also as a business mediator (Mfn mediator), commissioner/supervisor (CBM) and investor/entrepreneur. Adriaan de Gier is able to steer radical conflicts in the right direction, where possible by connecting, but where necessary with a firm approach. And often both, because most issues at different times require both approaches.

Mass claims
Adriaan de Gier is a pioneer in the field of supporting victims in mass tort situations (class actions). Among other things, by establishing FortisEffect Foundation in 2008 and thus reaching a settlement with Ageas (Fortis) of more than EUR 1.3 billion in 2016. He has been involved in various class actions for more than 15 years as a lawyer, consultant and director of Wamca interest groups, such as against NN Group and ASR Levensverzekering regarding investment insurance, against Airbnb for unlawfully collected service charges, against the State ivm. the GGD Data Breach and against Staalbankiers and Mees Pierson in connection with the sale of Swiss franc loans.

Organizational model - project teams

Adriaan de Gier assembles a team for each case in which all specialties relevant to that issue are represented (legal, financial and claims expertise). This approach, under his direction and direction, ensures that optimal expertise and capacity is deployed to successfully handle the case. Regardless of its size. Below are some examples of partners we work with.

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